50 for 20 Challenge

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What Would your Music Program do with an extra $20,000?

WOW….I must be crazy (my husband tells me I am all the time…so it must be true)! But I love our music programs and I want to make sure they stick around in our public school programs.!

What could your program do with an extra $20,000….new instruments, uniforms, field trips? And don’t forget about the 30% donation you receive on each transaction as well!!! Let that sink in, if you bring in 10 closed transactions with an average of $2,500 donation on each one, that’s $25,000. And if you are the top performing program for the year, that gives your program a grand total of $45,000 for the year…what could your program do then? Maybe pay all the fees to participate in events, competitions, new equipment or how about a trip to New York to play at Carnegie Hall or The Lincoln Center? You can achieve this and more with this project. And how about getting rid of those car washes, cookie dough and candy sales too! With For The Love Of Music Project, we do all the work! No planning, no spending money, no volunteers. All you do is let people know about this project, we do the rest!

We are going to provide all the schools music programs who participate in For The Love of Music Project an opportunity to earn an extra $20,000 for their music program…..and your program has a chance each and every year!

 So far we have sold3 homes towards our 50 target! That’s 6% of the total!

Not Currently Participating?

Click now to get started! There is no cost to your music program to participate

Each year, if we help at least 50 people buy or sell a home with Laura Lake Real Estate, your music program could earn an extra $20,000 over the 30% donation from each closing that you already received through the project!

The Challenge runs yearly from January 1st Through December 31st with distribution of the funds to the wining school program in March.

The challenge is simple, if we bring in at least 50 closed deals combined from all participating school music programs, the top performing program will receive a $20,000.00 donation from Laura Lake Real Estate. And….yes! there’s more, if we bring in 80 or more in closed transactions, the top two performing school programs will each receive $20,000 each.

So let’s get to work and start telling everyone you know and meet that is looking to buy or sell a home about For The Love Of Music Project and this challenge and let’s get those donations rolling in!

Please contact us with any questions or for more information about the project or challenge.